What is PPC/Paid Lead Generation?

Pay-Per-Click or PPC is a form of online advertising where businesses only pay for their ads when someone clicks on them. In simple terms, PPC is a way to buy visits or leads to business websites. For example:- Imagine someone has a billboard advertisement for his business. Instead of paying the full amount for billboard ads, he pays the billboard company every time a client walks into his store because they have seen his business’ billboard. This is exactly how PPC works for businesses in the online marketplace. This feature of PPC makes it a cost-effective and measurable way of advertising.

Understanding leads

Every business has a different demand for ​​a lead, and we understand that. Here, we make sure our approach fits lead generation needs. These are the different types of lead mentioned below:

Website visitor: Some businesses want as many people as possible to visit their website. We can create PPC or lead-generation campaigns to drive highly relevant traffic to their site. This is the best for building brand awareness and for businesses that benefit from high site traffic.

Landing page visit: Some businesses see a lead as a client/target customer visits a specific landing page. For those we create ads that link directly to these pages, focusing on getting visitors to fill out a form, sign up, or take other actions as per their choice.

Product purchase: For e-commerce businesses, a lead is someone who buys something. Our PPC or Lead generation strategies can attract visitors and increase sales, using retargeting ads to reach people who have shown interest in their products but haven’t yet purchased them.

Newsletter sign-ups: If businesses have a goal to build an email list, we can run campaigns to get people to sign up for their newsletter or other offers, and use this contact information for future marketing.

Event registration: For businesses that host events, webinars, or workshops, a lead can be someone who signs up to attend. We can create ads that target people interested in the event and increase registrations.

Form Fillings: If businesses need people to fill out forms on their website, whether for inquiries, quotes, or other purposes, we can design campaigns to encourage visitors to complete these forms.

Calls: For businesses that rely on phone calls, we can create ads that encourage potential customers to call directly. This is especially effective for service-based businesses or when businesses need to provide immediate support to their customers.

Our PPC or lead generation strategies are flexible and can be customized from business to business. We work closely with our clients to understand what they consider leads and design their marketing campaigns that match their marketing needs. We always take care to deliver quality results.

Why PPC?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click, is an effective advertising method for several reasons such as:

Cost-effective: In PPC, businesses only pay when someone clicks on their ad. This provides the best Return On Ad Spends (ROAS)  to them.
Example: Imagine someone runs a bakery. Instead of spending a lot of money on a traditional way of advertisement such as a billboard or leaflets that everyone sees (even if they want cakes or not), he can use PPC ads to target people searching for "birthday cakes" in his area. Now he only pays when someone clicks his ad, This makes PPC a cost-effective way of advertisement.  

Targeted Audience:  With PPC, businesses can target ads to specific groups of people based on factors such as their interests, location, and search habits. This means business ads are shown to the people who are more likely to be interested in their products or services.
Example: Suppose a business sells handmade jewellery. With PPC, It can set ads to show to people who have recently searched for "handmade jewellery" or related searches to jewellery. This means its ad reaches the people who are already interested in what it offers, and increases the chances of making a sale.

Measurable results: PPC advertisements provide detailed analytics, so businesses can measure how their ads are performing in the online marketplace. Businesses can track how many people click on their ad, how much each click costs, and the conversion rate of leads.
Example: Suppose someone owns a Yoga studio and runs a PPC ad for a new yoga class. The PPC platform provides data showing that 100 people clicked on his ad, 10 people signed up for the class, and he made ₹20,000 from his ads. This detailed feedback helps him to measure exactly how effective his ad is performing and where his money went.

Quick Visibility: PPC can generate traffic to businesses' websites almost immediately after their ads go live on platforms. This can be useful for new businesses or promotions.
Example: Someone has an online store and has just launched a new product. With PPC, he can create an ad and have it appear in search results within hours. This immediate advertisement can lead to quick sales of his product, unlike waiting for weeks or months for organic search traffic.

Control over budget: Businesses can limit or adjust the budget of their ad according to the ad performance. They can Increase the budget if the ad performs well or can reduce or pause the budget if the ad does not perform well.
Example: Someone owns a restaurant business and decides to start with a small budget for PPC ads, suppose ₹5000 per week. He can monitor how well the ads perform and adjust the budget as needed. If his ads are successful and bring in new customers, he can increase the budget. If not, he can reduce it or stop the ads without losing a lot of money on the advertisements.

Our PPC Service

Service Breakdown

FDP Data Analysis Approach

We analyze firmographics, demographics, and psychographics (FDP) data to create highly targeted and effective marketing strategies & campaigns. We understand the unique characteristics of businesses such as company size, industry, location (firmographics), and business audience such as age, gender, income (demographics), lifestyle, values, and interests (psychographics). We ensure that our strategies connect deeply with audiences and deliver the best results.

Keyword Research

We perform keyword research to identify the most effective keywords for our client’s businesses. This ensures ads are shown to the right people whenever they search related to our researched keywords on the internet. In simple words, We find the words and phrases that people use when searching for such products or services online. In this way, we make sure our clients' business ads show up to the right audience.

Ad Creation

Our team creates appealing or high-converting ads for products or services that capture attention and bring clicks to ads. We focus on creating engaging headlines, descriptions, and strong calls to action for convincing ads for products and services. In simple words, Our team creates catchy and convincing ads that grab attention and encourage people to click. We write headlines and descriptions that make product ads stand out from other similar ads.

Landing Page Optimization with PPC

Our team also optimises landing pages to make sure that visitors are converted into leads. This activity includes designing user-friendly pages, creating convincing content, and implementing effective calls to action on web pages. In simple words, we make sure that when people click on an ad, they land on a webpage that makes it easy for them to take the next step, like filling out a form or making a purchase. We design these pages to be user-friendly and simple to use.

Campaign Management

Our team manages PPC campaigns, making required adjustments as needed to improve the performance of PPC campaigns and maximize ROI or ROAS. In simple words, we watch over ads every day and make required improvements to increase their performance and make sure that our clients’ businesses are getting the best results for their investment.

A/B Testing

We conduct A/B testing on different ad elements such as headlines, images, and calls to action. This helps us identify what works best and refine PPC campaigns for better results. In simple words, We use A/B testing to find the best-performing versions of ads and landing pages. By creating multiple versions and comparing their performance, we can identify which elements relate most with the audience and which leads to higher conversion rates.
However, A/B testing isn’t necessary for every business. It’s especially useful when businesses are unsure or confused about their product, marketing strategies, or target audience. If businesses are confused about which message, ad, and products will work best, A/B testing can help remove confusions. For businesses that already have a solid strategy, targeted audience and best product, A/B testing might not be as important, but it’s still a great way to improve their ads and get the best results.

Reporting and Analysis

At HODU, we believe in transparency in our work. That's why we provide detailed reports on the PPC campaign’s performance which includes measuring data such as Click-Through Rate (CTR), Conversion Rate, Cost Per Click (CPC), and Return On Ad Spend (ROAS). These measuring data allow businesses to measure exactly how their investment is paying off. In simple words, At HODU we provide clear and detailed reports showing how ads are performing. This includes how many people saw ads, clicked on them, and took action after seeing them. This helps businesses to measure the value of their investment and provides insights for improvement in ads.

Our Approach


At HODU, we start a PPC campaign by first learning about businesses in detail. We understand the basics of businesses (firmographics), such as their industries, sizes and locations, then look at more detailed psychological aspects (psychographics) such as their company's culture, values ​​and goals. Finally, we analyze their customer demographics aspects such as age, gender and interests. This deep understanding of their business helps us create a customized plan that fits their specific marketing

Strategy Development

With a clear understanding of businesses and an optimized marketing funnel, we create a customized PPC strategy for their businesses. This strategy provides an exact roadmap of how we will use PPC ads to reach their target audience, drive traffic to their website, and convert that traffic into leads or sales.

Marketing Funnel

Next, we create a customized marketing funnel based on FDP & Marketing Strategy. A marketing funnel is a visual representation of a customer's journey from discovering a business to making a purchase. We design this funnel to smoothly guide potential customers through each stage, ensuring they take the desired action, whether that action be making a purchase, getting them to subscribe, or another goal.

Campaign Setup

Once the strategy is created, we set up PPC campaigns. This includes choosing the right keywords related to business or promotions, creating appalling ads, and setting up the tools (such as analytics, ROI or ROAS needed to track and measure the campaign's performance.


After setting up the PPC campaign it’s time to go live with ads. Once the ads are launched we monitor the initial performance of the ads to ensure everything is working as expected and make necessary adjustments if needed.


PPC campaigns are an ongoing process, to combat this problem, our team at HODU constantly monitors and analyzes campaigns to find out what is working and what is not and makes regular adjustments to improve ad performance. Getting the best possible results for investment is our main goal.


Our Team at HODU always keeps our clients up to date with regular updates and information. Our detailed reports show how their campaigns are performing, including key metrics like impressions, clicks, and conversions. These reports help them to understand the impact of our efforts and the value of their investment.

Why Choose Us?

Expert Team

At HODU, our team consists of experts who have years of experience in online lead generation and in-depth knowledge of PPC campaigns. Our team always stays updated with the latest trends and best practices in the market to provide quality services and quality results to our clients.

Results-Driven Approach

 At HODU we use data and analytics to track the performance of marketing campaigns. Our team measures key metrics such as how many people see ads, how many people click on them and how many people take desired actions (such as making purchase decisions). Our team monitors these numbers to ensure that our client's marketing investment provides them with a positive return on investment (ROI) and return on ad spend (ROAS). In simple terms, we make sure that every penny our client spends on PPC ads gives them the best possible results for their business.

Client-Centric Approach

All the services we provide are based on our client's marketing needs and requirements. For this, we first take time to understand our client's unique needs and goals. Our dedicated team works closely with our clients and provides them with personalized support and regular updates. We are always available to answer our clients' questions related to the campaign and ensure that the campaigns are running smoothly. Our client's success is our top priority, and we are committed to delivering the best possible results for our client's business.